Los Angeles

Kenny Scharf

                               Kenny Scharf at his studio in LA getting ready for his upcoming 
                                     show at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York this April.

Santa Monica

Greetings LA


JR in action


 JR in New York

Kid Zoom in his studio

                  Paid a visit to fellow Australian Kid Zoom in his studio in Bushwick the other day.
                         Look out for some exciting projects in the near future from Ian.

Hello NYC


Carnival in Cusco, part three

Carnival in Cusco, part two

Carnival in Cusco, part one

In transit

                                                        New York tomorrow morning :)

Sao Paulo


Somewhere south of Bolivia

             I have forgotten the name of this tiny town we stayed overnight in, it was a magical place.

The Salinas

Behind a lot of the photos I have taken there is a great or at least interesting story. I wish I had the time and patience to sit here and write about each one (I'd much rather be out and about). However this one was particularly funny. While sitting in a restaurant run by a lovely Bolivian family in Coppacabana (we were the only ones) the grandmother who from my guess was about 80 years old and just on 5ft sat with her precious cat in the courtyard. This city is notorious for the stray dogs who while are very cute can be vicious. This lady was very adamant about no dog coming into the courtyard and would sit there and each time one would try she would shuffle up from her chair and throw a large piece of wood at it. Once the dog ran she would retrieve the stick. Over the 45 mins we sat here she must of done this about 15 times each time the stick would crash loudly on the gorund scaring the dogs away. With no rest in between as she battled sometimes groups of 4 dogs trying to enter. This photo shows a position she took so the dogs couldn't see her,  when they would cautiously enter the corridor she would surprise them.


Mining for salt